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Founded over 20 years ago due to a lack of an affordable divorce option, GetDivorcePapers.com has helped hundreds of thousands of clients through the most difficult time of their life. GetDivorcePapers revolutionized the divorce industry by creating a process to help clients create their forms for a low cost that can be done in the comfort of their home through our online divorce interview.

GetDivorcePapers is the leader in divorce preparation. Our company prides ourself on our exemplary customer service. We stand by our clients every step of the way providing a dedicated caseworker to each client to help them with their needs. GetDivorcePapers will continue to work hard and focus on putting the client first.

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Its great and has helped me alot seeing as we have been apart for over 2 years and finally getting this done.

Emily Richards

Fairly easy to use. Should be tailored a little more for questions pertaining to the types of divorce i guess like Uncontested... etc..

Kenyatta Rojas

This is easy and fast just answer some questions and hopefully I get divorced never thought getting a divorce would be so easy thank you.

Henry Smith

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